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Update Your Membership NOW!

Our Association is growing as more training courses provide new teachers in greater numbers here in Toronto and in the surrounding areas, spreading these precious teachings far and wide. Our website,, ranks #1 on Google searches for Kundalini Yoga and gets many hits and attracts new students on a regular basis.

We are looking forward to working with all of you—those returning and those who are new - sharing and supporting each other in our teaching community. Your membership contribution this coming year will be $35.00 plus tax ($39.55) for your valued support behind our exciting new website, our Yoga Show presence and our other initiatives.

Please note this existing website will continue to function during this phase of new website development, so your classes and workshops will continue to be listed as always. New teachers will want to get their information out to the community as soon as possible too!

Heres what your membership contribution delivers:

  • Yoga Teacher and Event Listing on You will have more control and save time by your ability to provide your own updates on the new website! We will still have a webmaster to look after the overall needs of the site and to provide support as its required. While the new website is in development we will continue to use the existing website so theres absolutely no interruption reaching out to your students!
  • Promote Kundalini Yoga at the Yoga Show: Participation in the Yoga Show at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto (March 28—March 30, 2014) is critical in allowing us to reach new students and expand awareness of the valuable technology with the Toronto and surrounding communities. All teachers who contribute will have first choice of shifts to meet and talk to new students who visit our booth.
  • Toronto Kundalini Yoga is run completely by volunteers! All contributions go toward running the operations and promoting Kundalini Yoga. These contributions help to fund our costs which include building the new website and covering our annual website charges, our booth at the Yoga Show, promotional flyers, our 3HO Toronto phone line, our advertising in the Yellow Pages & YP online, as well as other Kundalini Yoga promotions and events as they occur.

Please renew or Join Now!

Membership Dues 2014:

$35.00 plus tax ($39.55) supports 2014 initiatives including the new website, Yoga Show plus your ability to display your classes, workshops, etc. on the TKY website.

Payment Options:

  1. Send cheque payable to 3HO Toronto for $35.00 plus tax ($39.55) together with your name, email address and phone number to the attention of Gurunam Khalsa, c/o Guru Ram Das Ashram, 348 Palmerston Blvd., Toronto, ON, M6G 2N6. Contact Gurunam at if you have any questions.
  2. Payment with PayPal (including 3% handling charge).

Many thanks!

Sat Nam & Many Blessings,
TKY Committee and 3HO Toronto

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